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Florida Bank robber chooses bus as getaway vehicle



Police easily apprehended a robber the morning of November 26 because of getaway vehicle choice.

On Tuesday morning at 11 a.m., right after being released from prison for robbery, 50-year-old Timothy Jones entered the Wells Fargo bank at Orange Blossom Trail and Taft-Vineland road, told the manager that he had a weapon and demanded money.

It could have been the perfect crime. The only problem?

Once Jones finished, he proceeded to a Sunoco gas station nearby, changed his shirt to make himself appear inconspicuous and then moved on to a Lynx bus stop and waited. All of his movements were observed by several witnesses still in the bank who then called 911.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office stated that although Jones did board the 124 bus, deputies stopped it and retrieved Jones and his stolen loot. Jones has a previous record of 30 arrests, which includes 6 robbery arrests.

Some people are known for committing crimes to re-enter the prison system because they cannot handle reintroduction into society. The incident is still under investigation and police do not yet know whether Jones purposely botched this heist or not. Either way, he faces robbery and grand theft charges.

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