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Seattle Flight Diverted After teen Passenger Dies



A Delta commercial air flight between Seattle and Atlanta had to be diverted to Spokane, Washington shortly after take-off after one of its passengers unexpectedly died. A 16-year old male passenger who was traveling with other members of his family experienced an unidentified medical emergency which proved fatal. When the Delta Flight 128 crew learned about the emergency, they immediately requested that air traffic control direct them to the closest landing strip, although the teenager succumbed by the time the jet was able to set down at the Spokane Airport.

According to local emergency rescue personnel, the young man, who has not been publicly identified, was traveling with several other family members to see relatives over the holidays in Georgia. The teenager's father is stationed with the U.S. military in Washington. One of the passengers reported that it was only a few minutes following take-off that the pilot alerted all of the passengers that there was a medical emergency onboard.

“It really hurts your heart when something like this isn’t successful. We worked on him a long time, and did every possible therapy we could try,” Schaeffer said. “Everyone on that plane knew what was going on, and it was incredibly emotional for everyone on board.” Spokane Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer said Sunday afternoon.

The teenager was then carried by members of the crew to the rear of the jet where emergency resuscitation efforts were performed. There was no confirmation if the teenager was DOA when the plane, carrying 258 passengers, landed at Spokane.

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Teenager dies aboard Delta flight soon after takeoff from Seattle

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