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3-Year-Old Boy Found Stuffed in Toy Box in Backyard



Tucson, Arizona - Times have been tough for the Barreras family as they are for millions of Americans during this jobless economy. The family was recently evicted from their home for failure to pay rent. The landlords now faced the difficult, but important task, of cleaning up the mess left behind. As they removed rubbish from the backyard, they found a blue toy chest containing the remains of the Barreras family's 3-year-old son.

Police have now taken into custody both Martin Raymond Barreras and Mary Raquel Marcela Barreras, ages 45 and 39 respectively. Their discussions with the couples other four children ages 4, 7, 12, and 19 reveal that Mrs. Barreras killed their brother by starving him to death. She has been charged with first degree murder and child abuse. Mr. Barreras has been charged with child abuse. The minor children are now in foster care.

The problems at the Barreras family have been ongoing with the minor children having been removed from the home multiple times and subsequently returned. Police have also arrived at their home to question the parents regarding school absences for the children. It seems that the tragedy may soon highlight a breakdown in vital state services designed to protect children.



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