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Harlem Explosion Left Founders’ Bible Intact




In anticipation of viewing the pipes believed to have caused the explosion of two buildings in Harlem, firefighters find a symbol of hope. The Bible of the founders of the Spanish Christian Church's original Bible was pulled from the ashes and returned to the 83-year old pastor, Rev Thomas Perez-in tact (there was a little water damage but no fire damage).

Gas believed to be the cause of the explosion

CNN states the Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano estimates authorities will reach pipes and the gas meter Sunday. Examining the pipes and meter will provide more answers about the actual cause of the explosion, which took place Wednesday in Harlem. The explosion is responsible for the death of eight people and leveling two buildings in Harlem.

A signal to rebuild

Once presented with the Bible, Rev. Perez examined the Bible and even though the explosion destroyed two buildings, the Bible wasn't even singed. He took this as a sign that the church will be rebuilding.

Unfortunately, shortly after receiving the Bible, Rev. Perez complained of chest pains and was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital, where he is recovering. The pastor's emotions and the significance of being presented with the original altar Bible seemed to cause his chest pains. Fire Commissioner Cassano described receiving the bible as a "sacred thing for him," as indicated by The Washington Times. Following his departure to the hospital, the individuals present at the vigil prayed for his health.

What's next for the Bible

Vigil members carried the Bible near the remains of the church after Rev. Perez was taken away. What happens next is unknown, but with the Pastor's proclamation that the church will be rebuilt, one can only assume that the Bible will be placed back where it belongs-on the altar at Spanish Christian Church in Harlem.

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