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Third Person Arrested In Death of Aspen Socialite Kathy Carpenter UDPATE



[caption id="attachment_81527" align="aligncenter" width="280"]Photo courtesy of Pitkin County Sheriff's Office Katherine Carpenter Photo courtesy of Pitkin County Sheriff's Office
Katherine Carpenter[/caption]



According to ABC News, Kathy Carpenter became the third suspect to be arrested in connection with the death of Nancy Pfister, a 57-year-old Colorado woman who was found dead in her residence in late February. Carpenter was arrested on March 14 and charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and first-degree murder in connection with Pfister’s death.The Aspen Daily News reports that it was Carpenter who alerted the authorities on February 26 and told them she had discovered Pfister’s body in a closet in her home. According to reports Carpenter and Pfister were friends.

Pfister, a philanthropist, mother and member of a family that is well-known in Aspen was in Australia on an extended vacation and had rented her home to William and Nancy Styler, the couple that would later be charged with committing her murder. The Stylers had been tenants in Pfister’s Aspen home since last year. According to the Aspen Daily News, Carpenter had taken on the responsibility of collecting rent from the Stylers and managing Pfister’s home while she was away.

According to a message posted to Pfister’s Facebook account in January, the Aspen socialite cut her stay in Australia short to return to Aspen to manage a rent dispute she was having with the Stylers.

Pfister wrote: “the people that were supposedly taking care of my house are not doing what they said they would do and they’re not paying rent and they haven’t paid utilities.”

The Stylers were arrested earlier this month and also charged with first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in connection with Pfister’s death.

[caption id="attachment_81499" align="aligncenter" width="555"]Third Person Arrested In Death of Aspen Socialite Kathy Carpenter UDPATE Third Person Arrested In Death of Aspen Socialite Kathy Carpenter UDPATE[/caption]

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