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Morgue Makes Mistake and Tells Mother Daughter Died



momLori Baker, a mother in Tacoma, was told by the medical examiner’s office that her daughter died. Baker said that she grieved for three days after hearing that her daughter had been killed. She had not seen her daughter in quite a long time because the pair have been estranged. Baker said that she contacted family members to tell them the news as well as telling her small grandchild about it. She was preparing for the funeral when she received information that it was not her daughter after all.

She asked to see the body of her daughter; however, the medical examiner’s office said that it would have to be moved to the funeral home first. They identified the body by a tattoo that the dead woman had on her body. Someone had reported that his friend was missing and that she had a tattoo. There was a mix up, and the office thought that the tattoo was supposed to be on Baker’s daughter. That was incorrect.

Baker is relieved that it was not her daughter; however, she is angry and upset that such a thing could happen. The medical examiner’s office said that they do not use dental records and such to identify bodies because it is time consuming and expensive. He reported that the office would be looking into the matter and they would adjust their practices accordingly. As for Lori Baker, she hopes that they do adjust their methods so that other families do not have to go through the same thing she did.

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Morgue mix-up; Mom mistakenly grieves ‘dead’ daughter for days

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