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1-Year-Old Ottawa Girl Left Disfigured Following Pit Bull Attack – UPDATE



1-Year-Old Ottawa Girl Disfigured in Pit Bull Attack

1-Year-Old Ottawa Girl Disfigured in Pit Bull Attack

1-Year-Old Ottawa Girl Disfigured in Pit Bull Attack

Beautiful 1-year-old Girl Disfigured in Pit Bull Attack

Ottawa, Ontario – An intimate photograph showing a loving mother snuggled up against her beautiful infant daughter is now a reminder of what was following a savage attack by a pit bull terrier that by all accounts has severely disfigured the face of the little girl early this Sunday morning. At 9:30AM local time, Mrs. Christine Leclair arrived at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in an utter state of panic with her daughter in terrible condition. Hospital staff say the child is in stable condition, but her injuries are severe. She suffered multiple facial tears or lacerations from a dog attack.

What is believed to have occurred is the family was enjoying play time with the dog and at roughly 9:00AM the dog attacked little Cali. Unconfirmed reports say the attack was so brutal that the child’s nose had gotten removed, and the puncture wounds and tears had exposed the underlying bones. The investigation is currently being conducted by both Ottawa By-law Services and the Ottawa police. The dog has been secured pending the investigation.

What is tragic is that Mrs. Leclair was attempting to re-acclimate the animal to domestic dwelling. She had just introduced the dog to the family on Saturday and it appeared that the animal was adjusting well. It isn’t clear if just what kind of experience the mother has in caring for rescues or how she could determine the animal was doing well. Either way, it is obvious in hind sight that the initial evaluation was premature because the following morning something set the dog off with tragic consequences.

According to her neighbor Vicky Gibson, Leclair has a big heart and is very compassionate to the point of it being a fault she says. Gibson immediately made her way to her neighbor’s house when the ambulance arrived and what she saw sickened her beyond words. The amount of blood and the tears of anguish were heart wrenching. The dog’s name is Boss and had actually attacked another child in the face before coming to live with the Leclairs. As per Gibson, the dog’s previous owner did not want to euthanize it even though it had bitten his son in the mouth. Leclair truly believed that with her gentle touch she could change the animal. As per an agreement Leclair had worked out with the owner, she would attempt to reintegrate the animal over seven days. Besides her kind heart, there is no indication she had formal training rehabilitating violent dogs.