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Editorial Policy


At eCanadaNow, our mission is to provide authoritative and up-to-date information on a broad spectrum of topics that matter most to Canadian readers. From the latest in travel and technology to insights into business and lifestyle, we are dedicated to informing and enriching the lives of our audience, all with a distinctly Canadian perspective.

Ownership and Independence

eCanadaNow is independently owned, ensuring our content remains free from external commercial influence and corporate interests. Our editorial decisions are made without bias, driven solely by our commitment to accuracy and relevance for our readers.

Current owners and staff are detailed on our Team page.

Journalistic Standards

We strive for accuracy, objectivity, and fairness in our reporting. Our content is the result of rigorous research, original reporting, and whenever necessary, corroboration with reliable sources. We hold ourselves to the highest journalistic standards, ensuring integrity and impartiality in every piece published.

Privacy Policy

Protecting our users’ privacy is paramount. Detailed information about how we secure user data can be found on our Privacy Policy page.

Revenue Model

eCanadaNow’s revenue is primarily derived from advertising and sponsored content, tailored to provide value without compromising our editorial integrity. Additionally, we engage in affiliate marketing and may receive compensation for promoting products or services that align with our audience’s interests.

Diversity Policy

We are committed to equality and diversity, ensuring equal opportunity in hiring without discrimination based on gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Our hiring criteria focus on professional merits such as quality of work, reliability, and ethical integrity.

Anonymity and Confidential Sources

While we prioritize transparency and aim to disclose full names and sources, we respect the need for confidentiality under certain circumstances to protect our sources. Anonymous sources are used only when necessary and after thorough verification of the information provided.

News and Opinions

eCanadaNow clearly distinguishes between news and opinion content. All opinion articles are labeled accordingly to ensure our readers can distinguish between factual reporting and personal viewpoints.

Third Party Articles

We welcome contributions from thought leaders and experts, categorized under ‘Thought Leaders’. While these articles reflect the opinions of their authors and are not edited or fact-checked by our team, they offer valuable perspectives and insights.

Accuracy and Corrections Policy

We are committed to accuracy but acknowledge that errors may occur. We pledge to correct any inaccuracies promptly upon discovery. Feedback or corrections can be submitted via our Contact page.

Contact Us

We encourage our readers to engage with us. Contact our team directly through our Contact Form or by reaching out to individual journalists via our Team page.