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Amish Buggy Accident In PA: Mother, Daughter Dead



Amish Buggy Accident
Amish Buggy Accident

Amish Buggy Accident

Amish Mother, Daughter Perish in Buggy Accident

A collision between a truck and a horse-drawn Amish buggy in Lawrence County, PA proved fatal to a mother and daughter who were riding in the buggy driven by William Byler.

Emergency dispatchers say the accident happened late Saturday afternoon, about 60 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

Although the Amish forego gas powered vehicles even in the 21st century in favor of slower horse drawn carriages, there have been an increasing number of fatalities when motorized vehicles crash into the slower-moving buggies. The victims were identified by local law enforcement officials as Mary Byler, William Byler’s 34-year old wife, and their 11-year old daughter. William Byler sustained severe injuries in the crash and was flown to a medical facility in nearby Youngstown, OH for further treatment.

According to local police, 36-year old Matthew Coulter of Pulaski, PA collided into the rear of the Byler family’s buggy.

Coulter’s condition was not known and police are still investigating how fast he was driving his truck at the time of the incident and if the buggy was outfitted with a slow-moving vehicle designation. The accident occurred in the Pittsburgh, PA area just at twilight, a time on the road when visibility is compromised. Many area residents are questioning if it’s time to restrict horse buggies on busy roads and highways.

Pennsylvania State Police were investigating the Amish buggy accident. They didn’t release any further details.

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