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Arrest in death of Usher’s stepson



Arrest in death of Usher's stepson

Arrest in death of Usher's stepson

Arrest in death of Usher’s stepson

Suspect Arrested in Boating Death of Usher Stepson

The operator of a jet ski who caused a boating collision that resulted in the death of entertainer Usher’s 11 year old stepson Kyle Glover has been arrested.

Both of Kyle’s parents had recently lobbied the Georgia State Legislature regarding the lack of boating safety on Lake Lanier where the fatality occured and as a result, the district attorney’s office decided to press charges against Jeffrey Simon Hubbard.

Hubbard has been charged in Hall County, Georgia with Homicide by Vessel, Reckless Operation of a Vessel and Serious Injury by Vessel due to the accident he caused at the resort lake last July.

Kile and another friend were floating on the water in an inflatable raft when they were struck by a jet ski operated by Hubbard, a friend of the Glovers. He was hospitalized but never regained consciousness and died 15 days later. Hubbard has been jailed with no bail set.

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