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Betty White Birthday Special: Golden Girl Is ‘Much Sexier” At 91



Betty White Birthday Special

Betty White Birthday Special

Betty White Birthday Special (photo courtesy David Shankbone)

Spoiled and Sexier at 91 Says Betty White

Few people alive today are unfamiliar with the name Betty White. During her Second Annual Birthday special, hosted on NBC, White says that compared to last year, she feels “Much wiser,” she said. In fact, the “Golden Girls” star said that she feels even sexier than she had when she was only 90 years old.

As a lifelong comedian, Betty is well known for her brutal honesty and during her NBC birthday gala she said people treat you “With such respect because you’re old.” “The best thing about being in your 90’s is that you get spoiled rotten,” White said.

Some of the special guests who showed up to NBC’s birthday bash for Betty White included Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick, country singer Blake Shelton, Jane Leeves and legend comedian Bill Cosby. Betty’s birthday bash was a huge success for NBC, over 6 million viewers tuned in and plans are already in works for White’s third annual birthday celebration.

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Betty White: ‘I’m much sexier’ at 91 than at 90