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Bill O’Reily Divorce To Get Nasty: Reports



Bill O'Reily Divorce To Get Nasty

Bill O'Reily Divorce To Get Nasty

Bill O’Reily Divorce To Get Nasty

Fox News Commentator Bill O’Reily in Nasty Divorce

It appears that Bill O’Reilly, host of the Fox News political commentary show “The O’Reilly Factor”, is heading towards a nasty divorce from his wife of fifteen years, Maureen. That is if Mr. O’Reilly’s behavior during the separation is any indication.

The couple quietly separated back in 2011, and since then there has been no indication of a reconciliation. Some speculate that Mrs. O’Reilly left her husband for a younger man. She is 46 years old, and her husband is 63 years old.

Since the separation in 2011, Maureen has purchased a home of her own and has registered to vote using her new residence. Bill has removed his wife from his foundation, the Winifred and William O’Reilly Foundation, where she had been listed as both director and vice-president. That role has now been assigned to Mr. O’Reilly’s long-time friend Edgar Royce; their friendship stems all the way back to college. Mr. O’Reilly has been seen in social gatherings lately not his wedding ring.

However, those items do not portend to a nasty divorce. It’s Mr. O’Reilly’s investigation of his wife’s alleged lover that has raised some eyebrows. According to the tabloid site, The Gawker, Mr. O’Reilly has sent two private investigators to look into the background of Long Island Police Officer Mareen McPhilmy, boyfriend to Mrs. O’Reilly. In an exchange of dirt for donation, Mr. O’Reilly is said to consider a sizable donation to the Long Island Police Department in exchange for background information on officer McPhilmy which can be used to intimidate the man into ending his relationship with Mrs. O’Reilly. According to Gawker, officer Richard Harasym of the department was assigned the task of investigating fellow officer McPhilmy by his commanding officer. Gawker claims to have e-mails from an anonymous source to corroborate the deal between Mr. O’Reilly and the Long Island Police Department.

The Fox News Network has denied the reports from Gawker that Mr. O’Reilly is using his influence with the Long Island Police Department. However, Mr. O’Reilly’s nephew and former staffer for the “Factor” show allegedly told colleagues that a “local sheriff” was involved in an adulterous relationship with his aunt, Mrs. O’Reilly. While that revelation doesn’t confirm any kind of quid pro quo between Mr. O’Reilly and the Long Island Police Department, it does establish the central premise for what Gawker has determined as Mr. O’Reilly’s motivation: breaking up the extra-marital relationship of his estranged wife.

Are you surprised to hear about the nasty details of Bill O’Reilly’s divorce?

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