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Bryan Singer sex abuse claim slammed: Calls Accuser “Sick”



Bryan Singer sex abuse

Bryan Singer sex abuse

Bryan Singer sex abuse photo Gage Skidmore

Bryan Singer, Director of X-Films, Denies Sex Abuse Charges

Director Bryan Singer has denounced the claims of one Michael Egan III that Singer sexual abused Egan as a teenager. Despite Singer’s denial of any wrongdoing, he has withdrawn from any promotional events for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Singer released a legal statement that explained how Egan’s claims were nothing more than a “twisted shakedown.” Singer’s statement further explained that the upcoming X-flick is his pride and joy and that any further involvement with Egan’s allegations could take away from the film’s presence in popular media.

Singer’s statement was released one week after actor/model Michael Egan III’s suit that claimed Singer abused him during a 1999 trip to Hawaii. While Egan was only 17 years old then, he claims that Singer started abusing him as little as 15 years of age in Los Angeles. However Egan’s civil suit is only focused on the alleged events in Hawaii.

Singer’s legal council denies Singer’s presence in the 50th state during the time frame presented in Egan’s suit. Jeff Herman, legal representative for Mr. Egan stated that Singer’s repeated denial will not deter litigation.

Egan has a history of suing movers and shakers within the entertainment business, with two former TV execs and a theatrical producer as prior would-be defendants. It’s worth noting that Egan’s charges against other individuals have been very similar in detail and nature to his charges against Singer; none of those other individuals admitted any wrongdoing.

To file his case, Egan was psychologically evaluated and given a Certificate of Merit that verifies Egan’s claims of sexual and mental abuse. Egan stated that he was brought into an executive’s sex ring by promising him work; however, he claims was really forced to engage in homosexual activities with adults during Hollywood industry parties.