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Hump Day! Camel breaks free, attacks man in California



Camel breaks free, attacks man

SoCal just got a little more interesting and a whole lot weirder. A camel escaped from a Southern Californian desert community on Friday and while it was on the run it managed to bite the head, and stomp on, a 72 year old man who tried to capture it. The man ha

Camel breaks free, attacks man in California

Camel breaks free, attacks man in California

d reportedly tried to coo the camel and to slow it down but it was viscous. The older man tried to hide underneath a car but the camel actually pulled him back out. It was chased for a while before it was finally cornered and captured.

Before getting re-captured the escaped camel managed to raise quite the ruckus. Shortly after 8:30AM there were reports of a loose camel chasing cars around Acton, a community in Southern California.

After the camel was captured the 72 year old man that was attacked was hospitalized for a bad gash on his head. He needed stitches but is reportedly going to be alright. The camel, on the other hoof, is in police custody.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the owner of the camel didn’t have a permit for the animal and thus will not be getting his camel back. The owner faces possible fines.

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