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Canadians See 3 UFO’s A Day: 2013 Canadian UFO Survey



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Canadians See 3 UFO's A Day: 2013 Canadian UFO Survey

Canadians See 3 UFO’s A Day: 2013 Canadian UFO Survey
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Latest Canadian UFO Survey Reports Three Sightings Daily

A report about Canadian sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in 2013 reveals that sightings are averaging about three a day, making 2013 the second highest in volume since 1989.

The Canadian UFO Survey, conducted on an annual basis by UFOlogy Research of Manitoba based in Winnipeg, says that Canadians citizens reported a total of 1,180 UFO sightings last year. The previous year’s survey, released for 2012, reported the highest record ever, 2,000 sightings of unexplained appearances in the sky.

Researchers say that 2012 most likely saw the highest amount of UFO sightings to date because more individuals were aware of the historic predictions of the Mayan Calendar that this year would mark the official “end of the world”.

The director of the 2013 survey suggests there are a number of reasons why reported UFO sightings continue to remain at high volumes.

One possibility is that secret military flights are occurring with more frequency now over areas with high concentrations of population, with another theory explaining that more people than ever are becoming interested in searching the heavens for UFO activity.

Yet another reason why 2013 saw a record amount of UFO sightings is improved access to viewing technology and connection via the Internet to research regarding UFO activity. Many of the individuals who report possible UFO sightings are professionals trained in effective observation techniques such as law enforcement officials and commercial airline pilots, discounting the idea that those who report UFO occurrences are mentally imbalanced.


The 2013 Canadian UFO Survey: Summary of Results


  • There were 1,180 UFO sightings reported in Canada in 2013, or about three each day. 


  • The number of cases in 2013 is the second-highest number of UFO sightings recorded in Canada during the last 25 years.


  • The 1,180 UFO cases reported in 2013 is much less than the peak year of 2012, when almost 2,000 reports were recorded. We suspect this was an anomaly, and likely due to many people excited about the so-called “end of the world” in 2012 according to the Mayan Calendar.


  • In 2013, Ontario had more than 40 per cent of all Canadian UFO reports.


  • In 2013, about 14 per cent of all UFO reports were classified as unexplained.


  • The typical UFO sighting lasted approximately 13 minutes in 2013.




For more details on the 2013 Canadian UFO report, click here.

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