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Carolina Sepe dies giving birth while in coma



Naples, Italy – Doctors at the local hospital in this city of nearly one million people successfully performed a C-section on a comatose 25-year-old woman by the name of Caroline Sepe. The birth of the child brings a ray of sunlight amid a tragedy that began four months ago when Mrs. Sepe was shot in the head by a neighbor during an incident of road rage sparked by a car accident.

Giampiero Siniscalchi, Carolina’s husband, managed to flee the shooting through a bathroom window with the couple’s two-year-old son Eliseo.

Mrs. Sepe was relatively early into her pregnancy at 10 weeks when the incident occurred. Her husband always held onto hope that she would emerge from her coma and deliver her child at the end of her gestation period. However, in early December, her condition worsened and doctors feared for the child’s life. An emergency C-section was carried out this past December 19 allowing tiny little Maria Liliana to start her life. She weighed only 1.1 kg or ~2.4 lbs.

“I recorded a video of Eliseo on my phone and when I made (Carolina) listen to his voice, I cried,” he said.

“I did it again and she cried again. I am sure my wife can hear me and hear the voice of our son. I am sure she understands.”

Mrs. Sepe never did regain consciousness and passed away this past Saturday, January 4. The family are from the small town of Lauro close to the coast of south central Italy. In a show of community support, the mayor declared that the town will help provide for her needs until she is 18.

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