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Celeb Demands: cher demands a wig room at concert venues



cher demands a wig room at concert venues

cher demands a wig room at concert venues

Cher’s Concert Contract Requires Room for Wigs

Celebrities on concert tours demand a wide array of amenities to keep them happy and comfortable. But music legend Cher makes one of the most unique demands whenever she is performing live on stage, a separate room to house her collection of wigs and hairpieces.

The former singing partner of Sonny Bono, who first captured national attention during the 1960s before forging her own superstar musical career, insists that every concert contract she signs contains a rider requesting that concert venue management provide her with a room outfitted with a table accompanied by a trio of chairs for safekeeping of her wigs.

If the venue cannot provide a separate wig room, Cher will accept a room that houses both her costume and wigs. But having a wig room isn’t the only special demand that this musical diva requires.

Cher also insists that her dressing room be decorated with bouquets of her favorite fresh flowers, fragrant gardenias and lilies, in addition to providing her personal masseuse with a separate room.

Cher will not tolerate artificial plants in her dressing room and requires a television set for playing old film classics. Cher launched her new Dressed to Kill Tour March 14.