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Construction Crew Unearths Mammoth Tusk in Seattle



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Construction Crew Unearths Mammoth Tusk in Seattle

Construction Crew Unearths Mammoth Tusk in Seattle

Seattle, Washington – A construction crew working on a private project unearthed an ancient mammoth tusk on the landowner’s property. The finding was confirmed by the curator for the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. However, private property laws prevail in this scenario and it will be the sole discretion of the property owner to decide what to do with the rare find and whether or not his property can be further excavated for additional fossils.

The museum cites the fact that the finding is quite unique and would offer a historic peek into the ice age in this part of the country. If the owner agrees to an excavation, a team of scientists stand at the ready to start working the new site. It hasn’t been mentioned if the owner will be shown any money, but that would certainly make the person more amenable to an excavation.

Mammoth fossils have been found in and around Washington and date back to the ice age period which ended 10,000 years ago. The tusk in question belonged to a mastodon which species is believed to have been as tall as 12 feet. The beasts roamed the area as the ice began receding.

Mammoth Tusk in Seattle