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Darren Sharper pleads guilty to rape charges



Ex-NFL Star Pleads Guilty to Mounting List of Rape Charges

Los Angeles, California – Attorneys for Former professional NFL athlete Darren Sharper issued a “not guilty” plea in Los Angeles Superior Court on charges he raped two women. The women have accused the former athlete of raping them after having incapacitated them with drugs. If that wasn’t serious enough, Sharper has ongoing rape charges that he is fighting in Arizona, Florida, and Louisiana. In a phrase best communicated in the vernacular, “The Brother’s got some serious charges on him!”

Prosecutors had sought a $10 million bail bond on Sharper given the aggregate seriousness of all the criminal charges he’s currently facing. In the end, the judge partially concurred with prosecutors and increased the bond to $1,000,000 from the original $200,000 amount. As part of his bond conditions, he may not be alone with or associate with a woman he did not already know prior to the first California rape allegation this past October. He is also confined to the city of Los Angeles and must avoid night clubs. Sharper will appear back in court on April 15. One of the alleged victims claimed she was drugged and that he pursued full conjugal contact with her despite her pleas with him to stop. This is concurred by friends of hers.