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debra messing weight loss: see how star lost so much weight



debra messing weight loss

debra messing weight loss

Debra Messing 20 Pound Weight Loss Provides More Energy

Now that former “Will and Grace” star Debra Messing is in her mid-40s, it’s not as easy for her to show off the svelte figure she had while starring in that long-running series. Messing recently confided that she began paying more attention to nutrition in her life around three years ago and made a commitment to pursue a healthier lifestyle because she knows she is in a business where her looks and how her looks are perceived mean everything.

And although Messing didn’t start out with the mission of losing weight, she is extremely proud to report that she shed some 20 pounds from her figure by adopting a new way of eating that focused on health and nutrition. Messing admits she began to feel tired every hour of every day, but initially thought she was simply doing too much as a single mother rather than being tired from making poor nutritional choices. Messing says she is especially pleased that her decision to only consume foods that are clean, healthy and nutritious for her has not only resulted in substantial weight loss but also makes her hair and skin look alive and glowing. As an actress, she was aware of the effect that food had on her weight loss goals, but says this knowledge really didn’t kick in until began following her new healthy lifestyle.

These days, Messing begins her morning with a homemade smoothie the blends together fresh spinach, celery, kale, cucumber, lemon, and ginger, a powerhouse of fresh ingredients that she says provides her with the vitamins and minerals she needs to stay strong throughout her busy and hectic days as a mother and actress. Messing now easily endures the long shooting schedule on her new “Mysteries of Laura” series since she gave up eating crappy foods.

debra messing weight loss

debra messing weight loss

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