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Duchess Kate Baby Shower: Will Middleton Break Tradition?



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Duchess Kate Baby Shower:  Will Middleton Break Tradition?

Duchess Kate Baby Shower: Will Middleton Break Tradition?

Kate Middleton may be the first duchess to break royal tradition by have a baby shower

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, may be the first Duchess to break tradition by throwing a baby shower for her and Prince William’s first child.

Victoria Arbiter- the daughter of former Queen Elizabeth II’s press secretary Dickie Arbiter recently confirmed that baby showers are not a part of the Royal tradition. An alleged friend of Middleton’s however claims that a plan for a shower is underway, and planning the Royal shower is her younger sister Pippa.

“It was her sister Pippa’s idea,” the alleged friend told OK! magazine. The mom-to-be is hoping her husband Prince William’s grandmother makes an appearance.

“While it’s all going to be very relaxed and fun, Kate is hoping the queen will drop by because the two are remarkably close. They bonded big time and really enjoy each other’s company. Since this is going to be a first for royals, Kate would love the queen to be part of it,” the friend explained.

The duchess’s sister Pippa Middleton is the mastermind behind the shower and a party planner herself- recently releasing her own book “Celebrate” which details the intricacies of party planning.

“Pippa is in charge of decorations,” the insider said. “Wine and beer will be available — not that Kate will be drinking alcohol, of course There will certainly be none of the hard stuff.”

Though this may be the first time a Duchess throws a baby shower, it isn’t Kate Middleton’s first time breaking royal tradition. In 2011 when Middleton married Prince William, she broke her first Royal tradition by opting to arrive at the ceremony in a car, rather than in the traditional ceremonial coach.

It is suspected that Middleton will continue with her tradition of breaking traditions by giving birth to her and Prince William’s child in a hospital, rather than in the Royal family’s home.

It is unknown whether or not the Queen will be attending the baby shower, but Middleton says she hopes she stops by.

Baby showers aren’t customary in the UK, according to the Huffington Post.

What do you think? Should Kate break tradition and have a baby shower?

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