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Eric Myers Emerges As Gay Man After Being Thought Dead For 16 Years



Man thought dead for 16 years is alive as gay man


Eric Myers, a real estate agent, devoted Christian and father of five, disappeared in 1991. Myers left his home near Phoenix, Arizona to travel to a conference in San Diego, California. He never returned and was declared dead in 1996 once his family had given up hope.

In a surprising twist, he returned to Arizona in 2007 – sixteen years after he was declared dead. He had been robbed on the last day of his conference in San Diego and took the opportunity to escape his life. He had known he was a homosexual since he was six. He headed south and found himself in Palm Springs where he met his partner, Sean Lung.

Myers hoped to make peace with his family upon his return, but his family did not welcome him back with open arms. His family had cashed in his $800,000 life insurance policy, so when it turned out that he was alive there were legal issues to deal with. In addition to the legal repercussions, his children were not glad that their dear father was not dead, but were instead upset that he left them.

He has officially divorced his wife and he and Lung are now living with his parents to care for his aging father.