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Woman Discovers Toad in Can of Beans, Felt Sick For Days (VIDEO)



Frog in Beans can Left Woman Feeling Sick For Days (VIDEO)

Frog in Beans can Left Woman Feeling Sick For Days (VIDEO)

Frog in Beans can Left Woman Feeling Sick For Days (VIDEO)

Indiana Woman Finds Frog in Green Beans

Gloria Chubb, a woman from South Bend, Indiana was met with an unpleasant surprise as she opened a can of Meijer green beans. Not initially noticing that is was a frog, Chubb saw the small trespasser and mistook him for a piece of bacon. It was not until she had plated up and served the beans to her family that her son pointed out mysterious object. Upon further inspection a second time, Chubb realized that it was, in fact, a frog. The body of the frog was still intact, although it appeared that its limbs were mixed in with the rest of the beans.

Chubb of St. Joseph County said the disgusting discovery left her feeling sick for two days.

“I thought maybe it was a piece of moldy bacon or something,” Chubb told WBND.

“But I took it out of there … and it was a frog with parts of his little legs all in the green beans, other than that he was fully intact.”

Since the incident, Meijer has responded to Ms, reports the Huff Post.

Though Chubb luckily noticed the can before she consumed the frog, she told WBND, “I don’t think I’ll have green beans anytime soon.”

Chubb with a letter of apology for the incident as well as $50 in compensation. The Indiana State Department of Health has concluded that the frog was most likely accidentally processed and packed in Meijer’s Wisconsin factory.

According to the Department of Health, although uncommon, frogs do habituate in geen been fields and are occasionally accumulated with the beans during the collection process.

Previously avid eaters of canned green beans, Ms. Chubb stated that she does not think she will be serving he family green beans anytime soon.

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