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Hannity ‘worst excuse’ for a journalist ever? Dem Rep Thinks So



Hannity 'worst excuse' for a journalist ever? Dem Rep Thinks So

Hannity 'worst excuse' for a journalist ever?  Dem Rep Thinks So

Hannity ‘worst excuse’ for a journalist ever? Dem Rep Thinks So

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison rips on Sean Hannity

Tuesday night, Live on the Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity show, Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison let Mr. Hanniry know exactly how he felt about him airing a video of President Barack Obama’s remarks about the sequester, reports the Daily Caller.

Ellison told Hannity flat out that he was the worst excuse for a journalist he has ever seen. Ellison also accused Hannity of “yellow journalism”, stating that Hannity was trying to say President Obama was not telling the truth.

Ellison went on to say that the President was telling the truth, and that Hannity was trying to make Mr.Obama look like a fool and a liar to the American people. Ellison told Mr. Hannity that it was ridiculous for him to say the President was to blame for the sequester. A few minutes into the interview, Hannity tried to interrupt the congressman without success, and Hannnity abruptly ended the interview telling Ellison he was a complete waste of time, that his audience deserved better and it was time for him to move on. Hannity said he tried to give the congressman a fair shot.

HANNITY: Congressman, welcome back, sir.
ELLISON: You bet.
HANNITY: I guess that’s what we can describe as staying on message, something the Democratic Party I would argue is very good at.
ELLISON: You’re pretty good at it, too.
HANNITY: Thank you.
ELLISON: Quite frankly you are the worst excuse for a journalist I have ever seen.
HANNITY: I can’t hear you.
ELLISON: You heard me.
HANNITY: No, say it again.
ELLISON: I heard you — what you just displayed was not journalism, it was yellow journalism, it wasn’t anything close to try to tell the American people what’s really going on and I mean, it’s just shocking.
HANNITY: Yellow journalism, to play Obama in his own words is yellow journalism.
ELLISON: With the background music and the lead up before you let the president talk. Let me tell you, I was here. Everything the president said is absolutely true.
ELLISON: And for you to try to make the American people make you think it isn’t is deceptive on your part and is a breach of everything, every journalistic ethic I heard of was just violated by you. And the president was truthful. The president was honest. What the president said was dead on accurate and for you to say the president is to blame here is ridiculous. I was there August, 2011 when the Republicans, your party, which you shamelessly …
HANNITY: I am not a Republican
ELLISON: You are nothing but a Republican.

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