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High Vis Jacket Promotes Chicken Road Crossing Safety



How does the chicken safely cross the road in the 21st century? Wearing a newly developed “High Vis Chicken Jacket” to make them more visible to motorists. A company appropriately called Omlet has developed the new safety gear for use by chicken owners who want to keep their birds safe while they are crossing a roadway, especially at dawn, dusk or other low visibility times. The chicken-sized jacket features a bib with florescent colors and comes in a choice of either yellow or pink.

Company officials report that they have already sold 200 of the High Vis Chicken Jackets during the first week and a half of sales, at £12 each.

Johannes Paul, one of the directors, said: “We had people inquiring about this kind of thing so decided to look into it.”
He added: “Most people who have chickens as pets will have them out and about and we do hear about chickens who do cross the road.
“If you imagine you are in a built-up area and your chicken gets under the fence, they don’t care if there is a road there. They just go straight across it.”

Although the cost may seem a bit pricey, Omlet officials say it is well worth it for people who keep chickens as pets and don’t want them to wind up as road kill because of some nearsighted driver. With the Hi Vis jacket securely fastened into place by putting it over the chicken’s head and fastening it under each wing, the chicken is ready to fly the coop and cross the road using a safety vest that enables drivers to spot them more easily even on the darkest evening.

How did the chicken cross the road?

How did the chicken cross the road? – It wore a high-vis jacket

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