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Instagram says working on bug that hides users’ recent photos



Instagram says working on bug that hides users' recent photos

helen flanagan selfie 2. Instagram says working on bug that hides users’ recent photos

Instagram, a leading online photo and video, and social networking sharing site, say they are working to fix a bug in the system. The mobile application is not showing the last several days of photos users may have uploaded. They gave no inclination in their twitter message, alerting the public to the bug, when the application would be fixed.

The message was posted after twitter exploded with messages from confused customers, wondering why they could not view their pictures. This problem only affects the mobile application. It is not known how many users this affects, or if all mobile application users are affected. The web version is operating correctly, without problems, with all pictures viewable.

Instagram allows users to upload photos and videos, and apply digital filters. Once uploaded users can then share the photos to other social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. It is used for personal and business uses. While Instagram is fixing the bug, those using the mobile application may not be able to view or share photos to other social networking sites through Instagram.

This isn’t the first recent bug for the company. Last month a bug was resolved that would have allowed hackers to change a user’s private settings to public, making all photos viewable by the public. There was also a bug last year that lasted five days before the company was able to resolve it. The problem last year was the application crashing.

The company’s site and blog offered no further information about the bug. The company said in Wednesday’s Twitter message that the problem was temporary. Instagram currently has approximately 200 million users. It isn’t known how many of those are using the mobile application. Users are known to share up to 60 million photos on any given day.


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