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Jeffrey Chapman fears murder tattoo may sway jury (photo)



Jeffrey Chapman fears murder tattoo may sway jury

Jeffrey Chapman fears murder tattoo may sway jury

Jeffrey Chapman “Murder” Tattoo May Sway A Jury

According to an article recently published by, Jeffrey Chapman, a Kansas man who is being charged with first degree murder is afraid that a certain tattoo of his may potentially “sway” a jury against him. The tattoo, which is scrawled out across his neck in threateningly large letters, just happens to read “Murder”. He has therefore petitioned the court to allow him to cover up this tattoo, or even have it removed.

Unfortunately for Chapman, the “Murder” tattooed accused murderer, authorities in the Jayhawk State have so far refused to comply with his request to have his tattoo clinically removed. Such a procedure would come on the state’s dime, and it is simply easier to allow Chapman to wear a high collared shirt in order to cover up his unfortunately worded tattoo.

Charlie O’ Hara, who is the attorney representing Chapman at his murder trial, had this to say: “Whenever you try a jury trial the appearance of the defendant makes a lot difference”. Even if Chapman’s inconveniently worded tattoo did not spell out the word “murder”, it would still be an unsightly thing to behold, and might potentially prejudice members of the jury against him. O’Hara has therefore filed a motion in court to allow his client to have the tattoo covered up when the case finally goes to trial.

Regardless of whether this tattoo is eventually seen by members of the jury or not, one thing is clear. Chapman will face first degree murder charges in the November 2011 slaying of Damon Galliart. The body of Galliart was found in a ditch just south of the city of Great Bend. Chapman alleges that investigators in the case were immediately suspicious of him due to his tattoo, and fears that a jury will jump to the same conclusion.

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