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Joe Namath Wows Audience at Super Bowl with Fur Coat



ap_joe_namath_kb_140202_16x9_608t’s been decades since Joe Namath famously led his New York Jets to victory over the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III back in 1969. Anyone who watched football back then was familiar with Namath’s penchant for cutting edge looks from his pantyhose ad with shaved legs and his passion for fur coats. However, at age 70, he isn’t known much by the younger generation who were given plenty to tweet about when he arrived in a very warm looking and fluffy fur coat. It was a glimpse at “Broadway Joe” in rare form.

As one woman tweeted, his coat was the clear winner of the event. One man made the girly man comment that he didn’t approve of what Namath did to “Lassie”. Another woman, who likely sports leather products, echoed similar criticism saying the fur doesn’t look nearly as good on him as it did on the animals that previously owned it.

For his part, Namath tweeted back that people were once upset with him about his pantyhose advertisement and stated there’s just no pleasing some people. In all candor, Namath made the fur coat look work. Let’s just hope he stays clear of any flying paint as he walks the streets wearing it as PETA has made their displeasure clear.

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