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Kelly Osbourne injury on the can



Kelly Osbourne injured again

Kelly Osbourne has an unusual injury for the second time in as many years. Just over one year ago, the television host broke her hand when she fell out of bed, and now she has sustained another interesting injury. Osbourne has sprained her ankle just days before her Red Carpet duties at the Oscars.

The Fashion Police host tweeted a photo of herself one Wednesday night with her leg in a brace. She then went on to describe the incident in detail. Osbourne said that she was faced with two choices. Choice number one was landing with her face in a public toilet, considering her heel was stuck in a drain in the floor. Choice number two was to twist her ankle and she apparently chose choice number two.

Osbourne added that her pain was being well-managed because her thoughtful boyfriend was playing nurse. She tweeted that her boy toy had even run late night errands to make her more comfortable.