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Kendra Wilkinson Quits Reality Show Over High-Dive



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Kendra Wilkinson Quits Reality Show Over High-Dive

Kendra Wilkinson Quits Reality Show Over High-Dive (photo courtesy Eva Rinaldi)

Kendra Wilkinson Quits Reality High-Dive Show

The new ABC-TV diving competition show “Splash” challenges celebrities to take the plunge into an Olympic size swimming pool from varying heights.

But former Playboy model and “The Girls Next Door” star Kendra Wilkinson recently quit the show by refusing to participate in a dive into water from a height of 23-feet, reports the LA Times.

Wilkinson says she simply could not conquer her fear of heights to complete the challenging dive and decided to quit the show rather than be eliminated as a contestant.

She admits that she is not a quitter by nature and that the decision to quit, the first time in her life, is something that she thinks will haunt her forever.

She shared her feelings with her fans via her Twitter feed, saying that many people hate her for quitting. Wilkinson also admitted that she feels she let a lot of people down, but that agreeing to do the show was a gigantic mistake.

“I was supposed to quit with last weeks dive but I didn’t and did it. Felt amazing and it was a huge accomplishment to me and my family,” she wrote.

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