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man can whistle must keep moving says judge



When Police Whistle You Must Stop, When You Whistle, You Must Move

Robert smith of Westbrook Maine is being guided by God and told to protect his constitutional rights.

A set of rights that include free speech and his right to whistle. However, law makers have told Robert Smith to move along. Mr. Smith is allowed to whistle as long as he does not stand in one spot and do so.

“God is showing me what I’m doing is OK,” he told The Portland Press Herald ( ). “He shows me every day with laughter.”

In Portland, Maine doing so got Mr. Smith sited for disorderly conduct. The city has agreed that Smith has a right to whistle but he can’t stand next to area business buildings and must keep moving around the city or wind up in whistler’s jail.

Local prosecutor Trish McAllister said that whistling is noise and that is not protected under Mr. Smith’s First Amendment Rights and that Mr. Smith has a issue with the way he acted in society. McAllister also told local media sources that Mr. Smith would tend to whistle after people who gave him any kind of look he thought was wrong.

The jury is still out on if the city will protect Mr. Smith’s rights to whistle in the future. However, for now, he can whistle while he walks.

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