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Man in iconic pic survives wounds



Man in iconic pic survives

Man in iconic pic survives

Wheelchair Man in Iconic Boston Marathon Bombing Survives

27-year-old Jeff Bauman has survived the tragic Boston Marathon bombing that caused him to lose both legs at the knees.

Bauman literally had to fight for his life. The photograph showing him being whisked away in a wheelchair applying pressure to one leg when the other is visibly cut off became iconic worldwide for the attack. The man in the cowboy hat featured next to Bauman found him lying on the ground on fire and extinguished the fire by hand.

Doctors announced that Bauman survived the attack but just barely; Bauman lost so much blood that he had to be resuscitated multiple times despite heavy transfusions of blood and fluids.

Bauman was at the finish line for the Marathon waiting anxiously for Erin Hurley, his girlfriend, to complete the marathon. With her just minutes from completion, the first bomb went off and struck Bauman.

Hurley, who was finishing her last mile of the 26.2 mile race, did not hear the bombs. From her vantage point, all she could tell is that the race suddenly stopped.

Meanwhile, Bauman’s father heard about the attack and began trying to reach his son by cellphone. When the media began circulating photographs from the attack, they realized their son was among the victims. Bauman has the full support of his family behind him.

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