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Marijuana Cannon Shoots Drugs Across US Boarder



Marijuana Cannon Shoots Drugs Across Boarder

Marijuana Cannon Shoots Drugs Across Boarder

Marijuana Cannon Shoots Drugs Across Boarder

Home Made Marijuana Cannon

The problem of drug smuggling across the border has always been a problem on both sides of the fence. Until the invention of the weed cannon, there were no ways to get drugs across unmanned. A plastic tube is attached to an automobile engine and metal tank.

It is able to blast illegal substances, in this case marijuana, to the United States.

It is then picked up on the other side without the need for crossing borders at checkpoints.

This beast was able to fire packages of marijuana across border lines from Mexico to the United States, in amounts of 30 pounds at a time.

Having seized a number of packages, officials pinpointed the origin. They were able to trace back the path to the weed cannon, which was located in the border city of Mexicali.
Although the United States authorities were able to stop this attempt, the fact that several pounds of narcotics could be sent within a matter of minutes by a single device is quite alarming.

As appropriate as this concern may be, the level of innovation used must be recognized on their end as well. Never before has such an efficient way of transporting illegal narcotics been attempted between the two neighboring countries.

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