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Megan Fox Using a Trampoline To Prep For TMNT



Megan Fox Using a Trampoline To Prep For TMNT

Megan Fox Using a Trampoline To Prep For TMNT

Megan Fox Trains for New Role in TMNT Using a Trampoline

Megan Fox has been spotted working out on a trampoline for her upcoming role as “April O’Neil” in the reboot “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Director Michael Bay recently announced that Fox was “rejoining the family” to star in the big budget film.

It’s not entirely clear which “family” Fox would be rejoining, but it likely his steady flow of big budget movie roles. Fox had starred in the first two “Transformers” films which collectively grossed $1.6 billion at the box office, but she was curiously omitted from the third installment which was the most successful of the three.

Fox’s hubris and Bay’s need for respect were said to be the underlying emotions to their feud.

At any rate, that is now a thing of the past, and Fox is hard at work getting into character for the film. She has dyed her hair red, which is proving to be popular with fans, and she is getting a bounce in her step with the aid of a trampoline.

She’ll need to be very acrobatic to keep up with the much younger and stronger teenage mutant ninja turtles Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and Splinter. The film is tentatively set for release on June 6, 2014.

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