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N.Y. 3 feet of snow On memorial Day, Sets New Record



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N.Y. 3 feet of snow On memorial Day, Sets New Record

N.Y. 3 feet of snow On memorial Day, Sets New Record

Upstate New York receives 3 Feet of Snow

In the U.S., Memorial Day is usual the holiday for outdoor gatherings and family grills, however for many, skis and snowboards may be more appropriate this year. Residents in Upstate New York received a snowy surprise this Memorial Day weekend. Since Saturday, residents along the Vermont, Upstate New York border have received 3 feet of snow. After a relatively mild winter season, it seems that the weather is now making up for it with one last, final triumphant storm.

The snow began slowly and steadily Saturday evening and continued through the Memorial Day weekend. In additional, chilly temperatures and blustery winds made this wintery Memorial holiday more reminiscent of a Christmas wonderland instead of an early summer celebration. Although unexpected, ski resorts in the area are thrilled with Mother Nature’s unexpected springtime snowfall, and have gladly opened their hills for business.

Although unusual to receive snow in May, especially this late in May, the 3 feet downfall is not reported to have broken any records. However, the snow has certainly made its presence know. Many roads and sections of highways have needed to be closed down due to unsafe road conditions. Conditions in the area expected to clear up over the next week.

Check out some photos of the big snow storm below.

N.Y. 3 feet of snow 2

N.Y. 3 feet of snow 4

N.Y. 3 feet of snow 3

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N.Y. 3 feet of snow

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