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NASA Mars Orbiter Computer Suffers Glitch



NASA Mars Orbiter Computer Suffers Glitch

NASA Mars Orbiter Computer Suffers Glitch

NASA Mars Orbiter Computer Suffers Glitch

The American space agency NASA has announced that its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is suffering from a major computer glitch. According to an article recently published by Global Times, NASA has scientists working around the clock in an effort to repair the damage and get the Orbiter working again at full mission capacity.

The Orbiter was said to have sustained the glitch this past Sunday. At that time, the Orbiter executed a fall back into its standard safety option. This option involves the craft placing itself into safe standby mode. Scientists speculating on the apparent cause of the malfunction cited an unscheduled information swap from one of the Orbiter’s main computers to the other.

This unscheduled action seems to have caused the Orbiter to go into a “panic” mode, for which the best possible solution was to temporarily suspend activity. As a result, none of the long serving Orbiter’s scientific data findings or regularly scheduled status updates have been relayed back to NASA.

According to a statement issued by Dan Johnnston, who is the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Project Manager, “The spacecraft is healthy, in communication and fully powered. We have stepped up the communication data rate, and we plan to have the spacecraft back to full operations within a few days.”

This is not the first time that the Orbiter has put itself into safety mode. Several other occurrences of this precautionary maneuver have occurred since the Orbiter left the Earth eight years ago. The craft is expected to make a full recovery.

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