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New Pill Makes you feel Drunk without drinking Alcohol



Dr. David Nutt has developed a pill that will get the consumer drunk, but with no negative side affects. He says that the pill will create a similar feeling to alchohol, with the aggression. He also says that you can take a second pill and your symptoms disappear immediately. The means that their is no hangover, and their is no wasted time waiting to get sober so that one can preform a task. He designed this drug because he believes that it will cut down on alcohol addictions, among other things. He claims that his pill is not addictive, and thus is a better and safer alternative to actually drinking.

He claims his pill will do “for drinking what e-cigarettes have done for smoking.” He does not have the funding to currently market his pill. Some people question whether this is a good idea. It removed the guilt and natural consequences from the intoxication caused by alcohol. This may lead to more people getting intoxicated, even if they can take a pill to end it all. Their are questions about the legality of the pill even if he can get the money to market it. The idea would be to use this pill in a cocktail of some kind, creating a synthetic drink that can intoxicate.

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