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noelle roni Fired Over Policy Disrespecting Poor Students



noelle roni Fired Over Policy Disrespecting Poor Students

noelle roni Fired Over Policy Disrespecting Poor Students

Colorado School Principal Fired Over Policy Disrespecting Poor Students

Lafayette, Colorado – Noelle Roni lost her job as a the principal of Peak to Peak Charter School this past fall after resisting a school policy which required impoverished school children to have their hands stamped if the balance in their school lunch accounts depleted.

Roni called the measure humiliating and opposed it eventually getting sacked by school officials. She was essentially told that she was not in a position to question the practice nor the authority of the school board. She argued that little children shouldn’t be branded like that or made to wear some form of a “scarlet letter” for the offense of being poor. At the time of her termination, she had been the school principal for 9 years. She now wants her job back and is willing to take the school to court over the matter.

A lawyer for the school calls her case absurd and baseless. However, many parents in the school think otherwise. A recent gathering of parents was held at a local church to discuss the issue of recalling two of the school board members. One parent spoke with the press and expressed the belief that Principal Roni was the victim of school politics and administrative bullying.

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