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Online Bingo in Canada – A Player’s Guide



In the early 1970s, the Canadian government decided to decentralize the gambling legislation by changing the Criminal Code. The end result was that gambling would be regulated on a provincial level instead of a federal level. This has caused a somewhat confusing infrastructure of gambling regulations. Nonetheless,  there is still some type of federal oversight from the Canadian Gaming Commission, the responsibility of this gaming arm is to ensure the gambling sector is well understood by the government, media and the public.

That being said there is very little oversight of online gaming venues, and online bingo is one of those industries that is mostly ignored by the government.

We highlight the best online bingo rooms that currently offer bingo games to players all over Canada.

Best Online Bingo Sites in Canada

If you are feeling COVID-19 fever there is no better way to burn some time than by playing online bingo. We highlight some of the best rooms for Canadians:

Cash Cabin – If you want a safe place to play, than Cash Cabin is a great bet. They cater to many players all over Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario. We’ve even spoken to some players from the Maritimes as well. The chat rooms are always full of excitement and they offer a great package of bingo prizes. You need to take a peek at both the daily and bigger weekly promotions.

What is always important is customer service and they do a great job of this as well. The 24/7 staff is always quick to respond to our questions our concerns (we contacted them anonymously to ensure we did not receive preferential treatment).

Jet Bingo – If you are like me you probably wish you could jet away to some secluded island, the problem with these islands is they usually don’t offer bingo, nonetheless Jet Bingo has come to the rescue.

This is one of the original bingo sites on the internet, and they have stood the test of time by offering second to none service, with easy to use software, and most important, they pay out winnings super fast. Make sure to check out the bonus page to get properly rewarded for your gameplay.

They have a lot of Canadians from coast to coast playing here.

Bingo Liner – If you wish you could be cruising the Caribbean seas and be playing bingo right now, than this is probably one of your best bets. They have some of the slickest software in the industry, there are always so many bingo games to pick from, and you will easily get in the mood here. For some reason we have had more luck playing here than our other recommendations, but that’s what bingo is all about, having a lot of fun while hoping to get lucky.

There’s a heavy concentration of players from Vancouver, and Toronto here.

Bingo Cafe – The last bingo room on our list is probably the oldest room in the list. While they do have a slightly dated look, you should not always judge a book by its cover. Bingo Cafe has built an impeccable reputation over time, and they offer one of the most generous bonuses in the industry. First time players are always welcomed with a huge bonus ($200 at the time of this writing), while the bonus may change it is always generous.

They also make sure to offer generous perks to returning players.


While it’s easy to get discouraged with the lack of bingo halls that are currently open, it’s still possible to be completely social in an online setting. I’m the type of person to shout bingo in a virtual chat room, while at first I feel like I am being annoying, the fact that everyone else congratulates me on my wins just makes me feel better.

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