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Pamela Anderson Selling Malibu Mansion, Take A Peak At $7.5M (PHOTO)S



Pamela Anderson Selling house: Buy Now For Only $7.5M

Pamela Anderson Selling house: Buy Now For Only $7.5M

Baywatch Babe Pam Anderson Selling Malibu Mansion

Actress Pamela Anderson, best known as one of the most watchable bodies on the hit TV series “Baywatch”, is selling her oceanfront Malibu home for a whopping $7.5 million.

Anderson initially wanted to rent the five-bedroom, three bathroom mansion for $20,000 a week but had little luck attracting any renters at that price.

So the “for sale” sign is now posted at the 2700-square foot home, which boasts private access to one of the most famous California beaches, an outdoor piano for entertaining at parties, an Olympic sized swimming pool and a special structure described as a Native American wigwam.

One of the reasons why Anderson may be anxious to part with her gorgeous Malibu digs is that she owes almost $400,000 in back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service.

Since Anderson paid less than $2 million when she purchased the property 12 years ago, she stands to make a tidy profit that will help alleviate her current financial woes.

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