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Persistently Distracted Driver Ticketed 26 Times



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Distracted Driver Finally Loses License After 26 Tickets

Distracted Driver Finally Loses License After 26 Tickets

Some people never seem to learn.

Despite receiving a jaw-dropping 26 tickets for distracted driving in the past three years, a man from Vancouver, British Colombia, was arrested earlier this week when police pulled him over yet again for talking on his cell phone while behind the wheel of his vehicle.

The fines alone for those 26 tickets total more than $4,300.

The apparently unrepentant 59-year-old, whose name has not yet been released, was not supposed to be driving at all. As a result of his earlier offenses, his license had been suspended for two months. Police arrested him, charging him with driving while prohibited. They towed his car, which has been impounded for one week.

“I don’t recall, in my experience, seeing or hearing of any driver with this many violation tickets related to one specific offence,” said Vancouver Police Sergeant Randy Fincham. He noted that law enforcement has come to view distracted driving as a priority because of the rising numbers of traffic accidents and injuries attributed to texting or talking on a cell phone.

In 2013, police in British Colombia handed out almost 50,000 tickets for distracted driving. The fine for distracted driving in the province is currently $167. If drivers are caught dialing, texting, or emailing, they also receive three penalty points.


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