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Police Begin Annual Crackdown On Distracted Driving



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OPP Launch Blitz Against Distracted Driving For Start Of March Break

OPP Launch Blitz Against Distracted Driving For Start Of March Break

Distracted Driving Crackdown Kicks Off in Ontario

While it’s a well-known fact that distracted drivers are more likely to be involved in collisions and vehicle accidents, law enforcement officials have shied away from punishing those who partake in this dangerous activity. Now, Ontario law officials have implemented an incentive to crack down on individuals who utilize handheld devices while behind the wheel. During spring break, police are expected to strictly enforce this 2009 law that prohibits drivers from texting, talking, and browsing the web while operating a vehicle.

In 2013 alone, distracted driving injuries and fatalities surpassed fatalities that were derived from speed and impaired drivers. Despite the devastating impact of these statistics, the number of motorists utilizing handheld devices while driving continues to be an issue. By raising awareness of this issue and committing to lowering the number of fatalities from distracted driving, law enforcement officials aim to save lives and prevent further fatalities.

In addition to scanning traffic more carefully and targeting distracted drivers, Ontario Police are also imposing higher fines for distracted drivers. Fines for this forbidden activity range in price from $155 to $280 per incident . Police hope that this will show drivers that they are serious about reducing the number of distracted drivers and raise awareness about the serious results of paying too little attention while operating a vehicle.

After all, imposing a mere fine can save lives. By reducing the number of distracted drivers, law enforcement officials hope to reduce overall collision fatalities and encourage safe driving.

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