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Rockin’ Robin Deakin To Return To The Ring, Even After Losing 50 Fights



Rockin’ Robin Deakin To Return To The Ring, Even After Losing 50 Fights
Rockin’ Robin Deakin To Return To The Ring, Even After Losing 50 Fights

Rockin’ Robin Deakin To Return To The Ring, Even After Losing 50 Fights

Britain’s Worst Boxer to Reenter the Ring

East Tilbury, Essex – Robin Deakin is a 27-year-old boxer who has been competing since 2006. He has an impressive if not ignominious record of fifty straight losses in the ring. He also has an impressive 12 knockouts or rather has been knocked out that many times. Deakin has quite literally been moped across the canvass. If there is one thing he has going for him it is an indomitable spirit because he will be returning to the ring.

The boxer had actually lost his license to participate in the venerable sport of pugilism out of concern that the beatings he was taking were a threat to his safety. He found a loophole by getting licensed in Germany and plans to return to the ring on March 1. He believes he’s deserving of a title shot, but understand he probably will never get one. Really?

While his desire to enter the boxing ring is obvious, it is not clear if he has taken any boxing lessons. It is difficult to imagine how he could endure so many losses except to conclude he lacks any skill in the ring. Part of his problem may have been his willingness to step in for other boxers at last minute without adequate training and recovery time.


  • October 26, 2006: Beat Shaun Walton
  • February 2, 2007: Lost to Eduards Krauklis
  • October 13: Lost to Eddie Hyland
  • November 2: Lost to Ricky Owen (knockout)
  • January 12, 2008: Lost to Vinny Mitchell
  • February 23: Lost to Steve Gethin
  • March 8: Lost to Ryan Welsh
  • March 16: Lost to Josh Wale
  • March 29: Lost to Jason Hastie
  • April 26: Lost to Jon Kays
  • May 31: Lost to Patrick Hyland (knockout)
  • June 9: Lost to Anthony Crolla
  • September 13: Lost to Liam Shinkwin
  • September 26: Lost to Ryan Walsh
  • October 10: Lost to Stephen Smith (knockout)
  • November 8: Lost to Kevin O’Hara (knockout)
  • December 14: Lost to Dan Stewart (knockout)
  • January 30, 2009: Lost to Vinny Mitchell
  • February 27: Lost to Jason Hastie
  • March 13: Lost to Robbie Turley
  • March 27: Lost to Mark Alexander
  • April 10, 2010: Lost to Chris Higgs (knockout)
  • August 28: Lost to Lee Gillespie
  • September 10: Lost to Tim Witherspoon Jr
  • September 16: Lost to Lewis Pettitt (knockout)
  • October 24: Lost to Phil Gill
  • December 4: Lost to Jason Hastie
  • February 19, 2011: Lost to Billy Morgan
  • February 26: Lost to Graheme Higginson (knockout)
  • April 28: Lost to Billy Dawson
  • May 7: Lost to Robbie Turley
  • June 3: Lost to Richard Barclay
  • June 17: Lost to Jon Slowey
  • June 25: Lost to Mark Ginley
  • July 30: Lost to Joe Tonks
  • September 16: Lost to Ben Day
  • September 30: Lost to Ediz Hussein
  • October 21: Lost to Liam Shinkwin
  • October 28: Lost to Kirk Goodings
  • November 4: Lost to Andy Townend
  • November 18: Lost to Matty Tew
  • November 25: Lost to Craig Whyatt
  • December 14: Lost to George Michael Carman
  • January 20, 2012: Lost to Thomas Carus
  • January 28: Lost to Ryan Taylor (knockout)
  • March 17: Lost to Floyd Moore
  • March 23: Lost to  Dean Anderson (knockout)
  • May 26: Lost to Michael Devine
  • June 2: Lost to Mike Biggs
  • June 11: Lost to Andrejs Podusovs
  • October 4, 2013: Lost to Antonio Counihan (knockout)

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