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Rosie O’Donnell Returns to “The View”



Actress Rosie O’Donnell has returned to the popular daytime show “The View” today bringing a surprise development in the cloud of controversy surrounding her 2007 departure. It appeared that at the time O’Donnell and co-host Barbara Walters had a feud between them. However, time heals all wounds and people mature past their differences. In a special pre-taped episode, O’Donnell recounts her own heart attack back in 2012. Heart attacks are a leading cause of death among women, but to have one at age 49 is more alarming because it is a very young age for a woman to have coronary trouble.

Rosie explained that there two arteries in the heart which typically experience blockage resulting in heart attacks in women. However, in her case, the main artery responsible for 70% of the blood flow to the heart became constricted. Her special appearance on the show was raise awareness for heart attacks among women. She explained how she experienced an ongoing heart attack following her helping a rather large women out of a car. Her doctor explained to her that she was having a heart attack and asked her for her resuscitation preferences as O’Donnell was prepping for surgery. The lifelong liberal surprised herself by telling the doctor she is adamantly “pro-life”.

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