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Say it isn’t So? PS4 Prices to Rise in Canada



As if Sony weren’t already making a mint off their popular PlayStation 4 (PS4) game console, the company is set to pull an additional “William Lyon Mackenzie King” (IE $50 note) from the wallets of gamers. The price of the PS4 in Canada will rose by $50 starting this past Saturday, March 15. This brings the retail price of the console to $449 from its original $399 list price.

If that weren’t bad enough the PlayStation Camera and DualShock 4 PS4 game controller are rising to $64.99 from their original list price of $59.99. Also jumping into the price increase bandwagon are the popular PS4 games “inFAMOUS: Second Son” and “MLB The Show 14” which have jacked up the price of their games to $69.99. The going price for new video games is $59.99.

Why the price increases in Canada? Sony is trying to say it’s the result of the law of supply and demand. That venerated axiom of economics states that if the supply of an item remains constant and the demand is increasing, prices adjust upward until the point of equilibrium is reached between the both supply and demand. In all actuality, Sony said the PS4 has succeeded at becoming the game console of choice among gamers in Canada and for this reason Canadians will fork out more cash. This latest increase means that Sony officially has a history of putting the proverbial thumb on the scale when selling their game systems in Canada. They pulled a similar stunt back in 2007, but at the time they claimed it was a weak Loo that prompted the move.

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