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stars who died while filming: Paul Walker, River Phoenix Among Tragic Deaths



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Stars Who Died While Filming

When an actor or actress passes away suddenly, it is difficult for their family, friends, and former costars. When an actor or actress passes away unexpectedly, it is even more tragic. It leaves the directors in a bind emotionally and professionally. More important, the movie or television show that they were filming when they passed will always be linked to their tragic death.

The death of Heath Ledger was very tragic for many people. During an interview, Ledger stated that portraying the Joker in “The Dark Knight” took him to a dark place. He stated that playing this character contributed to his prescription drug use and caused him to have problems sleeping. Shortly after “The Dark Knight” wrapped, Ledger began filming “The Imaginarium of Dr Parmassus”.

In January 2008, with just a third of the movie filmed, Ledger was found in his home dead. The autopsy stated he dies from an accidental and lethal combination of painkillers, sleeping pills and other prescription drugs. Many mourned his death. Through their grief, Hollywood pulled together to finish the movie in Ledger’s honor. Former costars came together to star in the film in Ledger’s place, directors changed the story a bit, and a body double was used. Despite the loss of an amazing actor and friend, they pulled it together and the movie was released.

Marilyn Monroe was a true American icon. She was famous for her many roles in films and her multiple marriages. On August 5, 1962 Marilyn Monroe died from an overdose of barbiturates. At the time of her death, she was filming “Something’s Got to Give”. Unfortunately, the movie was scrapped. The unfinished version was included in the 2001 documentary titled “Marilyn: The Final Days”.

River Phoenix was a child star. He became more popular as the years went on. On Halloween 1993, he was leaving a club and began convulsing on the street in front of onlookers. He was later pronounced dead in the hospital. The autopsy showed he had marijuana, cocaine, morphine, Valium, and cold medication in his system. At the time of his death he was filming “Dark Blood”. The film had to be canceled because there were still many scenes that needed to be shot that required his presence. He was supposed to film “Interview with the Vampire” after “Dark Blood” and was recast with Christian Slater.

Oliver Reed was always famous for his heavy partying and drinking. While filming “Gladiator” Reed collapsed in a bar and died of a heart attack. It was reported that he was arm wrestling with Navy sailors and consuming a good amount of rum, beer, whiskey, and cognac. Because most of the film was shot, and thanks to digital touch-ups, the film was released. It grossed over $187 million dollars in the US. The movie’s success was the best of Reed’s career.

Brandon Lee, son of martial arts star Bruce Lee was an aspiring actor. Lee was filming on the set of “The Crow” on March 31, 1993. While filming a scene where his character gets shot entering his apartment, an accident occurred. The gun used was supposed to have blanks it it. Instead, it contained a fragment of a real bullet and Lee was shot in the abdomen. He died later that day at 28 years old. The movie was almost finished so by using a body double and digital touch-up, the movie was released.

The most recent loss of an actor during filming is Paul Walker. He was famous for the movie franchise “The Fast and the Furious”. In November 2013 Walker and a friend were at a fundraiser. After telling fellow guests that they were going for a ride, Walker got in his friend’s Porche and drove off. They were going 100 miles per hour when they hit a lamp post. Both were immediately killed. Walker was filming the seventh installment of “The Fast and the Furious” at the time. With little bit of script rewriting, the film will be concluded and Walker will be featured in it

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