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Teen Adrian Broadway Dies After Prank Goes Wrong



Unfortunately, a teen in Arkansas died from a gunshot wound on February 17. Fifteen year-old Adrian Broadway was shot in the head after a prank gone wrong. She accompanied a group of friends looking for revenge on another teen for an earlier prank. During this event, a man exited a nearby house and fired on the teens. Broadway died almost immediately from her wound, and another friend was injured.

How did these events transpire?

The group of teens threw eggs and toilet paper on a car in front of the home. Upon finishing their deed, they tried to leave the premises. Willie Noble exited his home and fired on the group. Broadway was truck in the head, but the other teen was treated for injuries and released afterwards.

Currently, Noble is charged with multiple crimes related to this particular incident. His charges include fire-degree murder and aggravated assault. Other charges are pending a further investigation by the local police department. Without a doubt, the incident was completely avoidable by most measurements.

Are tragedies like this common in America today?

“She always smiling, she always laughing,” friend Princess Pearson told KARK. “We were always just playing around being goofy, acting funny all the time.”

“They was trying to be teenagers. As you know teenagers make mistakes,” added Laguyia Bland, another friend of the slain Broadway.

Stories like these arise from time to time involving teens and pranks. Sometimes, these pranks go horribly wrong when adults overreact. Noble didn’t fire his weapon in self-defense. He fired with the intent to harm the teens defacing his property. In the end, a young girl is now dead, and Noble will likely face life in prison. No trial date has been set, but Noble’s bond was placed at $1.0 million.

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