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Teen Killed By Lightning A Few Days Short Of Graduation



Teen Killed By Lightning A Few Days Short Of Graduation

Teen Killed By Lightning A Few Days Short Of Graduation

Chicago Teen Girl Killed by Lightning Days Ahead of High School Graduation

Downers Grove, IL – An intelligent and responsible teenage girl was tragically killed by lightning while she was tending to the needs of her younger siblings.

Jennie Dizon, age 17, had driven her younger sister and brother to a dental check-up and sat on the grass of a nearby county park to pen her thoughts in a notebook.

During that time, a sudden thunder storm rolled in and the next moment Dizon was found dead at the park.

Emergency responders arrived at the scene said she was lifeless. An inspection of her injuries were said to be consistent with a lightning strike. Dizon was a senior at the Benet Academy in her hometown and was only days away from graduation. She had been accepted to the University of Cincinnati where she intended to work on a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater production.

She was multi-talented and played both the clarinet and oboe. Her friends described her as being very enthusiastic and her family is deeply affected by her loss.

According to CBS, Jennie was found with a pencil and pad of paper by her side.Paramedics were not able to revive her.

“She was probably writing in her journal, because the weather got nice,” said Jennie’s father, Eric Dizon. “It’s just tragic the way it happened.”

Her mother told reporters that she is placing her faith in God at this time. Death by lightning strike is very rare in the United States and occurs less than three dozen times a year.

“Jennie is our angel,” Marietta Dizon, Jennie’s mother, told reporters. “She has a golden heart. Whoever has met her, she has surely touched your heart. I think God had called her. We just have to place our whole trust in him.”

In a statement released by Benet Academy Friday, “Throughout the day her close friends, classmates, teachers, and the entire school community have had opportunities to recall her many talents, her unique gifts, and her wonderful personality. Through a combination of tears and laughter, we have also shared with one another our recollections of many memorable experiences with Jennie. Most importantly, as people of faith, we have celebrated her entrance into eternal life.”

Jennie’s wake will be 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on both Sunday and Monday at Hallowell & James Funeral Home, 301 75th St. in Downers Grove. The funeral is 10 a.m. Tuesday at St. Scholastica Church, 7800 Janes Ave. in Woodridge.

Teen Killed By Lightning Mere Days Before Graduation [Video]

Teen Killed By Lightning Mere Days Before Graduation [Video]

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Jennie Dizon, Downers Grove Teen, Killed By Lightning Days Before High School Graduation