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Thai Couples Compete for Longest Hug



Over 30 couples have gathered in Thailand’s Pattaya in hopes of breaking one of the Guinness Worlds records. The record that they are attempting to break this time is for longest hug recorded. To break this world record, a couple must hug for 25 hours, 22 minutes and 36 seconds.

Although the goal may sound easy, the 34-year-old Nonthawat Charoenkasetsin stated that the event is more challenging than it sounds. Charoenkasetsin also competed in the longest kiss challenge, which was held in Thailand in February of 2013. He stated that the hugging contest is different from the kissing challenge because the contestants cannot move.

They could move freely during the kissing competition. The longest kiss was won by Ekkachi and Laksana Tiranarat and lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. A Russian tourist had also taken part in the competition. Twenty-two-year-old Darya Ckuneva stated that taking part in the competition was going to be interesting particularly because they have never done anything like it before.

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