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The 10 Best Resorts in Bahamas for Canadians (February 2024)



The 10 Best Resorts in Bahamas for Canadians

Welcome to our latest travel feature, where we explore the idyllic paradise of the Bahamas, a destination renowned for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and luxurious resorts. Following the success of our article “The 10 Best Resorts in Jamaica for Canadians”, we’re excited to guide you through the best that the Bahamas has to offer. From the bustling streets and rich history of Nassau to the tranquil beauty of Exuma, the Bahamas is a mosaic of unique experiences. In this article, not only will we highlight the top resorts that cater specifically to the Canadian traveler’s needs, but we’ll also delve into what makes each location special. Don’t forget to check out our extensive travel guide section on our website for more insights and tips on making the most of your Bahamian adventure!

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  1. The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort – Luxury Beachfront
  2. The Cove Atlantis – Family-Friendly Adventure
  3. Warwick Paradise Island– Romantic Getaway
  4. Tiamo Resort – Eco-Luxe Seclusion
  5. Melia Nassau Beach – All-Inclusive Luxury
  6. Warwick Paradise Island – Adults-Only Retreat
  7. Andros Beach Club – Adventure Sports Hub
  8. The Cove Eleuthera – Tranquil Wellness Oasis
  9. Rollezz Villas Beach Resort – Cultural Charm
  10. Old Bahama Bay Resort & Yacht Harbour – Marina Luxury

1. The Ocean Club

The Ocean Club Resort

A Four Seasons Resort, Luxury Beachfront

The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Paradise Island stands as a beacon of luxury beachfront living, offering an unparalleled experience in the Bahamas. This resort, a favorite among Canadian travelers, integrates the comfort and elegance expected from a Four Seasons property with the unique charm and beauty of the Bahamian landscape.

Unmatched Opulence in Every Detail

From the moment guests step onto the property, they are greeted with manicured gardens, stunning ocean views, and an ambiance of exclusivity. The resort’s accommodations are a blend of sophisticated design and tropical ease, ensuring a luxurious yet comfortable stay. Each room and suite, adorned with elegant decor and modern amenities, offers a sanctuary of peace with breathtaking views of the azure waters.

The Ocean Club Resort - Bahamas top 10

A Haven for Gourmet Enthusiasts and Wellness Seekers

The Ocean Club is not just about plush rooms and beautiful landscapes; it is a haven for those seeking culinary delights and wellness activities. The resort boasts world-class dining experiences, where gourmet dishes are crafted to perfection. For those looking to unwind and rejuvenate, the on-site spa offers a range of treatments that blend modern practices with traditional Bahamian elements.

Exclusive Experiences Tailored to Every Guest

Understanding the diverse interests of its guests, The Ocean Club provides a variety of activities. Whether it’s lounging on the private beach, enjoying a round of golf on the championship course, or exploring the marine life through exclusive snorkeling excursions, the resort ensures every moment is memorable.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS: The Ocean Club, LUXURY Four Seasons Resort | Ep. 11

In summary, The Ocean Club, truly embodies the luxury and tranquility that defines The 10 Best Resorts in Bahamas for Canadians. As a destination, it offers a serene yet exhilarating escape. Looking forward, we continue our exploration with The Cove Atlantis, Paradise Island, a contrast that promises family-friendly adventure and excitement, showcasing the diverse allure of Bahamian resorts for every Canadian traveler.

2. The Cove Atlantis

The Cove at Atlantis

Paradise Island – Family-Friendly Adventure

The Cove Atlantis, Paradise Island redefines the concept of a family-friendly adventure, blending the excitement of a water-themed amusement park with the luxury and comfort of a top-tier resort. This destination is a dream come true for families, especially those from Canada seeking a blend of adventure and relaxation in the Bahamas.

Unrivaled Aquatic Adventures

At the heart of The Cove Atlantis experience is the massive water park, featuring exhilarating slides, lazy rivers, and multiple swimming pools set in a lush, imaginative landscape. The resort’s unique design integrates the aquatic park with the beach, allowing guests to transition seamlessly from thrilling water rides to relaxing on the sandy shores.

Luxurious Accommodations with Family Comfort in Mind

Accommodations at The Cove Atlantis are thoughtfully designed with families in mind. Spacious rooms and suites offer stunning ocean views and are equipped with all the amenities needed for a comfortable and convenient stay. The resort’s commitment to family comfort makes it a standout in The 10 Best Resorts in Bahamas.

The Cove at Atlantis - room - Bahamas top 10

Dining and Entertainment for All Ages

The resort boasts an array of dining options, from casual eateries to fine dining establishments, catering to every palate. Beyond the water park and beaches, families can engage in activities such as snorkeling, gaming at the arcade, or exploring the marine habitat.

Atlantis Bahamas - The Cove - Resort Tour In 4K

In conclusion, The Cove Atlantis, Paradise Island represents the ideal fusion of excitement and luxury, a perfect match for families looking for an adventurous yet comfortable Bahamian vacation. This resort exemplifies the diverse appeal of The 10 Best Resorts in Bahamas for Canadians, catering to those who desire both thrilling experiences and luxurious relaxation. Stay tuned as we delve into the romantic allure of Warwick Paradise Island, our next featured resort, which offers a different yet equally enchanting aspect of the Bahamian resort experience.

3. Warwick Paradise Island

Warwick Paradise

Adults Only – Romantic Getaway

Warwick Paradise Island – Adults Only emerges as a premier destination for romantic escapades in the Bahamas. This adults-only resort is a sanctuary for couples, especially Canadians, seeking an intimate and luxurious retreat in a breathtaking island setting.

Intimate Accommodations with Stunning Views

At Warwick Paradise Island, the accommodations are tailored for romance and privacy. Each room and suite is a haven of comfort, offering stunning views of the harbor or ocean. The elegant décor and thoughtful amenities create a personal and indulgent atmosphere for couples.

Warwick Paradise Island - Bahamas top 10

Cuisine to remember in Romantic Settings

The resort boasts a variety of dining experiences, perfect for romantic evenings. From elegant gourmet restaurants to casual dining with scenic views, Warwick Paradise Island offers culinary delights that cater to all tastes, enhancing the romantic experience with exceptional meals and atmospheres.

Exclusive Activities for Couples

Couples at Warwick Paradise Island can enjoy a range of activities designed for romance. The resort offers private beach areas, tranquil spa treatments, and romantic sunset cruises, providing ample opportunities for couples to create lasting memories together.


Warwick Paradise Island – Adults Only perfectly encapsulates the essence of romantic getaways, positioning it as a standout selection in The 10 Best Resorts in Bahamas for Canadians. It offers an idyllic setting where couples can immerse themselves in the harmony of luxury and romance, crafting an unforgettable experience. As we continue our journey through the best resorts, we turn our attention next to Tiamo Resort, Andros, an adventure sports hub that promises a thrilling and dynamic contrast to the serene romance of Warwick Paradise Island, showcasing the diverse range of experiences the Bahamas has to offer.

4. Tiamo Resort 

Tiamo Resorts

Eco-Luxe Seclusion

Tiamo Resort, Andros is a gem for those seeking an eco-friendly yet luxurious retreat. Perfect for Canadians who appreciate sustainability without sacrificing comfort, this resort offers a unique experience in the heart of the Bahamas’ natural splendor.

Eco-Luxury in Harmony with Nature

The accommodations at Tiamo Resort are a perfect blend of eco-conscious design and luxury. The villas and rooms, built with sustainable materials, offer serene privacy and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. The resort’s commitment to the environment is evident in every detail, ensuring a stay that is both responsible and indulgent.

Exclusive and Private Experiences

This secluded resort provides an array of exclusive activities that allow guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Andros. From world-class bonefishing to snorkeling in pristine waters, Tiamo Resort offers unique experiences tailored to the adventurous spirit while respecting the delicate ecosystem.

Tiamo Resort private room

Cuisine that Celebrates Local Flavors

Dining at Tiamo Resort is a culinary journey that highlights local flavors and ingredients. The resort’s restaurant serves dishes that are both eco-friendly and palate-pleasing, ensuring that every meal is a reflection of the resort’s commitment to sustainability and luxury.

Tiamo Resort Bahamas

In conclusion, Tiamo Resort, Andros stands out as an exceptional choice in The 10 Best Resorts in Bahamas, particularly for those in pursuit of a secluded, eco-luxurious experience. This resort is a harmonious blend of luxury and sustainability, providing an exclusive retreat that’s mindful of the environment. Moving forward in our list, we will explore Melia Nassau Beach – All Inclusive, Nassau, New Providence, a destination that epitomizes all-inclusive luxury, offering a different yet equally captivating aspect of the Bahamian resort experience.

5. Melia Nassau Beach

Hotel Melia Nassau

 All-Inclusive Luxury

Melia Nassau Beach – All Inclusive offers a luxurious, worry-free experience on the stunning shores of New Providence. This resort is a favorite among Canadians for its comprehensive all-inclusive offerings, combining luxury with the ease of having everything at your fingertips.

Exquisite Accommodations with Breathtaking Views

The rooms and suites at Melia Nassau Beach are designed to provide maximum comfort and luxury. Each accommodation features contemporary décor, spacious layouts, and breathtaking views of the ocean or the resort’s lush gardens. The all-inclusive nature means guests can enjoy these comforts without concerning themselves with additional costs.

Melia Beach Resort

Culinary Delights for Every Taste

With several restaurants and bars on-site, Melia Nassau Beach caters to all tastes and preferences. From gourmet dining experiences to casual beachside snacks, the culinary options are diverse and inclusive. The quality of food and beverage offerings elevates the all-inclusive experience to a level of sophistication and refinement.

Endless Entertainment and Activities

Melia Nassau Beach is not just about relaxation and dining; it’s also a hub of activities and entertainment. Guests can enjoy everything from swimming in the beautiful pools to participating in organized beach games and water sports. The resort’s entertainment team ensures that there is always something exciting happening.

Melia Nassau Beach Bahamas

In summary, Melia Nassau Beach is a prominent feature in The 10 Best Resorts in Bahamas, epitomizing the essence of all-inclusive luxury. It offers an experience where ease, comfort, and enjoyment are effortlessly blended, catering to every need and desire. Next, we will venture into Warwick Paradise Island – Adults Only, a resort that offers a unique adults-only experience, combining sophistication with tranquility, and further showcasing the diverse range of luxurious accommodations available to Canadian travelers in the Bahamas.

6. Warwick Paradise Island

Warwick Paradise island - Bahamas top 10

 Adults Only Retreat

Warwick Paradise Island is a sanctuary for adults seeking a tranquil and sophisticated retreat in the Bahamas. This resort, particularly favored by Canadian travelers, offers a unique adults-only experience that combines luxury, relaxation, and privacy.

Refined Accommodations with Stunning Views

The accommodations at Warwick Paradise Island are designed with an adult clientele in mind, focusing on elegance and comfort. Each room and suite boasts stylish furnishings, modern amenities, and breathtaking views of the harbor or ocean, providing guests with a serene haven to unwind.

Gourmet Dining and Elevated Experiences

The resort features a variety of dining options, each offering a unique culinary experience. From fine dining to casual beachside meals, the emphasis is on quality and variety. The adult-only setting allows for a more refined atmosphere, perfect for romantic dinners or quiet, sophisticated gatherings.

A Wealth of Activities Tailored to Adult Preferences

Warwick Paradise Island offers a range of activities designed to cater to adult tastes. Guests can enjoy the tranquil private beach, a refreshing swim in the outdoor pool, or a relaxing treatment at the spa. For those seeking a more active experience, the resort provides opportunities for fitness classes, water sports, and island excursions.

Warwick Paradise Island - private accomodations

A Haven of Relaxation and Adult-Focused Leisure

This resort is not just a place to stay; it’s a destination that promises a peaceful and adult-centric vacation. The absence of children contributes to the calm and relaxing environment, making it ideal for couples, groups of friends, or solo travelers looking for a peaceful getaway.


In summary, Warwick Paradise Island – Adults Only plays a crucial role in The 10 Best Resorts in Bahamas for an adult audience, offering a refined and serene environment. It’s the ideal choice for those seeking an exclusive, adult-only experience in the stunning Bahamas. Moving forward, our exploration leads us to Andros Beach Club, Andros, an Adventure Sports Hub that promises a captivating blend of thrilling activities and natural beauty, further enriching the diverse experiences available in the Bahamas for Canadian travelers.

7. Andros Beach Club

Andros Beach Club Resort

 Adventure Sports Hub

Andros Beach Club, Andros is the ultimate destination for those seeking adventure and a deep connection with nature. Ideal for Canadians who love the thrill of outdoor sports, this resort offers a unique blend of excitement and natural beauty in the Bahamas.

Accommodations Immersed in Natural Beauty

The accommodations at Andros Beach Club are crafted to provide comfort while immersing guests in the stunning natural surroundings. The rooms and villas offer breathtaking views of the beach and sea, allowing guests to wake up to the serene sounds of the ocean and the lush landscape.

Unrivaled Opportunities for Water Sports and Exploration

Known as an Adventure Sports Hub, Andros Beach Club provides an array of activities for adrenaline junkies and nature lovers. From world-class scuba diving and snorkeling in the vibrant coral reefs to exhilarating kayaking and fishing excursions, the resort caters to all levels of adventure seekers.

Andros Diving

Authentic Bahamian Cuisine and Culture

Dining at the resort is a delight, with a focus on fresh, local ingredients that reflect the rich flavors of Bahamian cuisine. Guests can savor authentic dishes while enjoying the relaxed, beachside atmosphere, enhancing their cultural experience in the Bahamas.

A Resort That Caters to Every Adventure

Whether it’s exploring the underwater wonders, embarking on a fishing adventure, or simply relaxing on the secluded beach, Andros Beach Club offers something for every type of adventurer. The resort’s focus on eco-friendly practices and preservation of the natural environment further adds to its appeal.

Walk to the Beach from Andros Beach Club.avi

In conclusion, Andros Beach Club, Andros is a distinguished choice within The 10 Best Resorts in Bahamas, particularly appealing to those who seek adventure intertwined with nature. It’s a destination where exhilarating activities and serene natural beauty converge, providing a truly unique and memorable experience. Next on our list, we turn our focus to The Cove Eleuthera – Gregory Town, a Tranquil Wellness Oasis, where guests can immerse themselves in a serene environment, offering a different yet equally enchanting perspective on luxury resort experiences in the Bahamas.

8. The Cove Eleuthera

The Cove Eleuthera - The 10 Best Resorts in Bahamas for Canadians

Tranquil Wellness Oasis

The Cove Eleuthera – Gregory Town stands as a serene sanctuary, perfect for those seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating escape in the Bahamas. This resort, particularly appealing to Canadian travelers, is a tranquil wellness oasis, offering a blend of luxury, relaxation, and natural beauty.

Elegant Accommodations Surrounded by Natural Splendor

The accommodations at The Cove Eleuthera are designed to reflect the resort’s commitment to tranquility and wellness. Each room, suite, and villa is a haven of calm, with elegant décor and soothing views of the ocean or the lush gardens, providing a perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Holistic Wellness Experiences and Spa Treatments

The Cove Eleuthera is not just about beautiful accommodations; it’s a destination for holistic wellness. The resort offers a range of spa treatments that integrate local ingredients and traditional techniques. Guests can indulge in massages, facials, and wellness therapies designed to harmonize the body and mind.

The Cove Eleuthera - Private pool

Activities Focused on Health and Harmony

The resort provides various activities aimed at enhancing guests’ wellness journeys. From yoga sessions by the beach to guided meditation and fitness classes, The Cove Eleuthera ensures that every aspect of the stay contributes to guests’ overall well-being.

Culinary Delights That Nourish Body and Soul

Dining at the resort is a celebration of healthy and flavorful cuisine. The restaurants at The Cove Eleuthera focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, creating dishes that are not only delicious but also nourishing, perfectly complementing the wellness-focused experience.

The Cove Eleuthera Resort | Bahamas | Gregory Town

In summary, The Cove Eleuthera – Gregory Town emerges as a pivotal destination in The 10 Best Resorts in Bahamas, catering especially to those who value a retreat focused on wellness and tranquility. This serene oasis is where luxury harmoniously intertwines with mindfulness, providing a peaceful haven far from the daily grind. As we continue our exploration, we next showcase Rollezz Villas Beach Resort, Cat Island, a resort renowned for its Cultural Charm, offering guests a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich local culture and natural beauty of the Bahamas.

9. Rollezz Villas Beach Resort

Beach Rollezz

A Celebration of Bahamian Culture in a Picturesque Setting

Rollezz Villas Beach Resort, Cat Island is a unique destination that captivates with its blend of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. This resort is a favorite among Canadians who seek an authentic Bahamian experience combined with the comfort of modern amenities.

Charming Accommodations Reflecting Local Traditions

The accommodations at Rollezz Villas Beach Resort are designed to reflect the vibrant culture of the Bahamas. Each villa is decorated with local art and color schemes that echo the island’s spirit. The rooms offer stunning sunrise and sunset views from their front porches, making every stay a memorable one.

An Immersive Cultural Experience

Rollezz Villas Beach Resort offers more than just a place to stay; it provides an immersive cultural experience. Guests can participate in local activities, such as traditional Bahamian cooking classes, cultural tours of the island, and music and dance performances that showcase the island’s rich heritage.

Authentic Cuisine with a Homely Touch

The resort’s dining experience is a true reflection of Bahamian culinary traditions. Guests can enjoy home-cooked meals that feature fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, offering a taste of authentic Bahamian flavors in a relaxed and homely atmosphere.

Beach Rollezz Breakfast

A Blend of Relaxation and Cultural Exploration

At Rollezz Villas Beach Resort, guests can relax on the pristine beaches or explore the natural and cultural wonders of Cat Island. Whether it’s snorkeling in the clear waters, hiking to historical sites, or simply soaking up the local atmosphere, the resort offers a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration.

Rollezz Villas Beach Resort

In conclusion, Rollezz Villas Beach Resort, Cat Island distinguishes itself as a notable highlight in The 10 Best Resorts in Bahamas, particularly appealing to those who cherish the depth and allure of local culture. It offers a unique opportunity for guests to deeply connect with the heart and soul of the Bahamas, set against a backdrop of exceptional natural beauty. Next, we’ll delve into Old Bahama Bay Resort & Yacht Harbour – West End, our final resort on the list, known for its Marina Luxury and offering a distinct blend of nautical elegance and tropical charm.

Old Bahama Bay Resort & Yacht Harbour in West End offers a unique blend of luxury marina lifestyle and stunning natural beauty, making it a top choice for Canadian travelers seeking an exclusive maritime experience in the Bahamas.

Upscale Accommodations with Breathtaking Marina Views

The accommodations at Old Bahama Bay Resort are the epitome of marina luxury. Each suite is designed to offer maximum comfort and style, with private terraces providing panoramic views of the marina and the ocean. The rooms feature elegant décor and are equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a stay of unparalleled comfort and luxury.

A Boater’s Paradise with World-Class Amenities

As a premier yacht harbour, the resort offers an array of amenities for boating enthusiasts. The full-service marina is equipped to accommodate vessels of various sizes, making it an ideal destination for those who wish to combine their love for boating with a luxurious resort experience.

Old Bahama Bay Resort Marina

Exquisite Dining with Oceanfront Views

Dining at Old Bahama Bay Resort is a culinary adventure, with restaurants offering a variety of international and local cuisines. Guests can enjoy their meals while overlooking the marina, making every dining experience memorable with spectacular views and exquisite flavors.

Activities for Maritime Enthusiasts and Relaxation Seekers

The resort offers a variety of activities, from water sports and fishing excursions to relaxing spa treatments. Guests can explore the beauty of the West End, indulge in leisurely activities at the resort, or set sail from the marina for an adventurous day at sea.

Old Bahama Bay Resort & Yacht Harbour - Bahamas

As we conclude our journey through The 10 Best Resorts in Bahamas for Canadians, we reflect on the diverse and luxurious experiences these destinations offer. From the eco-luxe seclusion of Tiamo Resort, Andros to the vibrant family adventures at The Cove Atlantis, Paradise Island, each resort presents a unique facet of Bahamian paradise. The romantic allure of Warwick Paradise Island– Romantic Getaway and the tranquil wellness focus of The Cove Eleuthera – Gregory Town remind us of the myriad ways to experience luxury and relaxation.

Our exploration does not end here. We invite you to anticipate our upcoming feature, “The 10 Best Resorts in Hawaii for Canadians”, where we will unveil another collection of exquisite destinations tailored to Canadian travelers. This upcoming article promises to guide you through the tropical allure and distinct charm of Hawaiian resorts, ensuring your next vacation is as memorable as your Bahamian adventure.

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New Providence is one of the best islands in The Bahamas – in fact, it's usually the first stop for most visitors to the archipelago. It's the place where you'll find Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas. This vibrant city is known for its impressive range of resort casinos, upscale restaurants, and unique museums.

New Providence (Nassau) and Paradie Island are where the main population lives and also where the mega resorts are -- creating a crowded small island. It's great if shopping, casino, lots of dining options and nightlife are you goals, but horrible for renting a car, exploring and visiting nice beaches.

Nassau, Bahamas all-inclusive resorts are world-class. Our favorites include the British Colonial Hilton and Comfort Suites on Paradise Island. These are just two Nassau Bahamas all-inclusive resorts out of the many to choose from.

To reduce your risk, do not go on foot outside the main tourist areas and beaches, especially if you are alone. Stay in downtown Nassau, where there are regular police patrols. Avoid unlit areas, and travel in groups after dusk. Take care if travelling on local bus services at night away from the main tourist areas.

One of the most beautiful places in Bahamas, Grand Bahama is a stunning island and can find its place in the itineraries of all travelers ranging from budget backpackers to luxurious cruise tours. The beaches are stunning and are a cultural melting pot for many locals and foreigners.

  • High season, from mid-December to April, has the best weather.
  • Shoulder season, from mid-April to June, is the best time to party.
  • Low season, August to November, is best for budget travelers.
  • Hurricane season is June to November.

So, it is up to you for how many days you want to enjoy the serene nature, glistening coastline, lip-smacking sea-foods, and sun-kissed beaches. The weather is always soothing, so make a 6-7 days holiday in the Bahamas is ideal.

If you're looking for a short, affordable sailing, try the Bahamas. If what you seek is a warm place to escape during the winter or a more diverse look at the Caribbean and its people as a whole, check out a voyage that includes calls on several territories via Western, Eastern or Southern Caribbean itineraries.

First Time to The Bahamas. If it's your first time the The Islands Of The Bahamas, consider visiting Nassau Paradise Island because of the variety of things to do the amazing beaches to sunbathe and the crystal clear turquoise waters to swim in.

As the northernmost of the 700 islands of the Bahamas, Grand Bahama dishes up plenty of budget-friendly activities alongside its white-sand beaches.